Friday, 12 October 2012

Zombie Gangnam Style


Simply wow!

I got dressed up to go to a zombie walk that happened in Windsor, Ontario this October 12, 2012.

First I got make up applied and then I got into my official Gangnam Style costume and buttoned up.

Gangnam Style Zombie

Loki from Loki's Wardrobe on Etsy was kind enough to give me her prototype Gangnam Style Blue Jacket. This jacket goes back to August when she first started making these costume jackets.  It was absolutely awesome that she parted with it.  It has a proper lining with interfacing in this jacket, but she didn't like the way this prototype turned out.  So I found a purpose for it.  Covered in Zombie Gore!  From my previous pictures you can tell how much more improved and awesome her current jackets are.

Gangnam Style Zombie

 So here I am, a Zombie PSY.  Living Dead Gangnam Style.  I found an old white dress shirt and then I layered an old grey shirt underneath to fight off the cold.  Hey, we're living in Cananda.  Of course we know about battling the cold.  Winter is coming!

PSY of the Dead

So there was a space of TWO hours where I was asked to pose and dance.  Yes, I felt like a circus monkey.  "Dance Monkey!  Dance!"  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE wanted a picture with me.

I took something out of popular culture and I made it ever BETTER!

Thank goodness I had a cheap, throw away Gangnam Style jacket.  You can't do this with an overly expensive coat - marked up 100% in price and called 'classy'.

"You are awesome!"
"That is epic!'
"I love you!" times 5, people actually said this.
"Your video is awesome!" times 10!
"You look exactly like him."  Which I'm not quite sure because I was Zombie PSY, but meh!  I'll take it.
"Hey Gangnam Style!'
From passing cars, "Heeeeeeeey, Sexy Lady!"

PSY Zombie

Too bad I'm overweight, that and I smoke.  I was out of breath from dancing all night doing the Gangnam Style dances and poses.  My calves actually hurt.

Even people who weren't part of the zombie walk took pictures of me.  This one guy found me at five different locations and demanded photos of me with him in various poses.  Seriously?  Five times?

For a while I had everyone calling for me.  "Hey PSY!  Over here!  Look over here!"

There has got to be a minimum of a thousand pictures which are going to be posted on Facebook and blogger tonight because of me.  That doesn't even count the videos of me dancing with various zombies!

I like the idea that I took a good idea and ran with it.  I admit, I let it go to my head.  Loki had lots of fun running around with me and taking photos on top of the thousands people took of me.

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhrgh.... Sexy..... Laaaaady!" said in a creepy zombie voice.

This one kid who wasn't even part of the zombie walk was all, "PSY!  It's PSY!  OMG!  PSY!"

Hey, it was a lot of fun.  This doesn't even cover all the photos I took when I went into the night clubs for the After-Zombie-Walk parties that were happening.

I even horse trotted through a scary fun house and none of the ghouls even bothered trying to scare me.  HAH!  Zombie PSY is the ultimate anti-scare costume.

Here are a few more pictures of me below.  If you surf online, you'll find even more of me one various peoples blogs and facebook pages.

Living Gangnam Style

***Note: Now that I've done this, expect to see a lot of imitators trying to hock their goods at their Gangnam Style stores with Zombie PSY.  I did this previously going to clubs just to immortalize the experience, but quickly people clutched at my good ideas with their undead hands*

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